Raised: $277K Goal: $2M
Good Health and Well-being Quality Education Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Sustainable Cities and Communities Responsible Consumption and Production Peace and Justice Strong Institutions Partnerships to Achieve the Goal

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The Challenge

A community approach to ammassing the basic knowledge of living on planet earth has become essential. Subject matter experts and the populous at large, have skills which need to be preserved as an archive for peace, love an prosperity for the coming generations.

A most notable quote addressing sustainability: "Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family." ~ Kofi Annan  

The Innovation

The Runchero Earth Project is part of its “Life 101 Mission” for developing open-source platforms, including a new knowledge base for people on Earth as a Body of Knowledge (E-BOK). At an early stage, it will be a member managed directory of resources which are shared openly with respected contributors. The intentions are to form an “online intentional community” which serves the Foundation of Intentional Communities http://www.ic.org and society as a whole; sharing content supporting education from subject matter experts, and a free common language for sharing with the world.

Runchero currently holds nearly 10,000 ".earth" domains with an asset value in the millions; based on future estimates from domain services providers. 

After platform implementation, It will be self-supporting from micro-funding in the form of donations for maintenance, user / data security and content management from user interaction

The Impact

Participation and adoption of content management by intentional communities will assist engaged user around the world to seek out and explore the root essentials we have lost from our ancestors. 

Exploring game-theory, will integrate real world land contributions and avatar evolution into inter-connected real-life communities. Sharing knowledge and living from the land will be the "new normal" for life.

This project is in preview mode and is currently under careful review by ICGF directors. It is not currently accepting donations. We hope to offer this for donation/social impact investing very soon.

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